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oferta aplikacje mobilne

We draw up solutions supporting field workers
in their daily responsibilities.

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  • Offer - Mobile applications
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Mobile applications begin to play an increasingly important role in the computerisation of companies.
They are applicable in large companies, where they constitute a section of the whole system as well
as in small firms whose workers are constantly on the move and must have permanent access to
the current data.

Some areas in which such applications may find use are:

  • software for collection and data access,
  • meter reading systems,
  • storage systems,
  • mobile sales.

The main advantages of using mobile applications are:

  • permanent contact with the worker or contractor working in the field,
  • availability and flow of data in every situation,
  • possibility of integration with existing systems,
  • effective data entry by handling bar codes,
  • registration of GPS position in the course of the activity,
  • limiting errors caused by filling paper forms.

We have long-term experience in the design and creation of such systems, which are highly
recognized among our clients. If you would like your company to carry out its business processes
better and more effectively contact us and we will offer you a suitable solution.

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