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oferta systemów dla banków

We offer systems for handling credits, cash register operation
and maintenance of the securities market.

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  • Offer - Systems for banks
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Solutions for the banking sector

We have a very rich experience in manufacturing software for banking. Our long-term cooperation
helped us to get to know the specificity of the financial sector thoroughly, the way it operates and
its procedures. Thanks to that, since the year 1989 we still constantly participate in the computerisa-
tion process of those institutions. At that time we have created many systems which were applied in
fields such as:

  • the handling of retail consumer credits,
  • the handling of line of credit in checking and saving accounts,
  • the handling of line of credit for the purchase of shares,
  • records of borrowers, guarantors and their obligations to the bank,
  • records of credit applications,
  • the handling of government and corporate debt securities, as well as other financial instruments,
  • accounting for broker invoices,
  • exchange of data with the National Depository for Securities,
  • internal and external reporting,
  • the handling of the bank's general ledger,
  • the handling of cash register operation.

Our products are operating in many places in Poland. They support the work of cooperative banks,
regional employment offices and PKO Bank Polski Head Office.

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