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oferta system obsługi klienta

Our systems enable quick and efficient service
for the company's customers.

  • Offer - Software systems and integration
  • Offer - Systems for banks
  • Offer - Systems for power industry
  • Offer - Customer service systems
  • Offer - Mobile applications
  • Offer - Technical support and customer service

Quick and efficient service

In our solutions we always put emphasis on high quality customer service. We create software for
large institutions which are cost conscious and aware of ecology, standards, habits and needs of the
customer. We know that respect for the customer is shown not only by accepting an order, issuing
invoices and the proper settlement of payments. It is also important that each of our customers is
treated in a way that he feels most comfortable with. We make sure that it is possible.

In our offer you will find:

  • a billing system,
  • a system cooperating with the Bulk Mail Centre,
  • a CRM system,
  • a debt collection system- pre-trial debt recovery and court debt recovery,
  • e-CSC- electronic Customer Service Centre.

Selected capabilities of our solution:

  • quick access to the full information about the customer,
  • a very simplified settlement of service,
  • printout of documents from anywhere or from a predetermined location,
  • automatic collection of charges,
  • a chance for the customer to view his individual account,
  • preview of invoices via the Internet.
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